The rite of spring

18” x 14”


This is a special blend of enamels and different types of resin on stretched canvas.




This is a contemporary painting of smooth impressionistic colors and muted tones. You can see a little Eastern European village in time of spring blossom. In this painting, very small overlapping enamel injections and brush strokes were used. This gave a real vibrancy and lift to the painting. Some roofs are partially transparent. Under the sunlight or normal room illumination, a beautiful reflection attracts an attention creating a unique visual effect. The painting is full of details showing figures of people in everyday life.


The signature is located in front and back of the painting. The artwork title, and data of creation can be found in the back.

© 2015-2019. Maya Gavashelli, Greenville SC, USA +1-630-656-4141

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